Darling Discovery - Cabbages & Roses

Aren’t these clothes just wonderful! They remind me of a recent article by Conde Nast Traveler “English Eccentrics" - "What’s with the English? Why are they so gloriously—and creatively—loopy? " When my family saw the article they immediately brought it to my attention… little did they know I had already hidden a copy of it away in my secret stash.

There is just something quite mysterious and fascinating about eccentrics, we always seem to want to discover a little more about them. You know the Huguette Clark's of the world, Edward Gorey's (I am pretty sure I am not the only one who owns a copy of the Elephant House), or the Beale sisters. Was anyone else mesmerized with Grey Gardens? I not only watched the movie with Drew Barrymore, but also bought the documentary, and was seriously obesessed for a bit.

Your style alludes to who you are, what is your clothing saying? Do you want to show off your dreams of living in Britian or hint at your eccentric side? 

If you care to learn a little about the brand:

Since then Cabbages and Roses has grown, whilst still proudly maintaining the principles that it was founded upon. Our collections of cosy Winter clothes and Summer staples have developed into a brand that encompasses British heritage through and through.

We cherish quality and individuality. We aim to run our business in the kindest way possible, with the best quality of product and with the best treatment of the people involved in the provenance of the product; from beginning to end. Quality, uniqueness and fair prices paid to all our suppliers are reflected in our prices.

We develop products that have a take on British eccentricity and humour - a beautiful full skirted summer dress with Wellingtons for a rainy Summer party or our vintage jackets with added touches of velvet and odd buttons that will be individual to you.

We pride ourselves on fitting in almost anywhere - at a wedding as a precious gift of a scented candle or an outfit to wear; in a beach hut full of well loved cushions or a smart London apartment as linen curtains or wallpaper.

Cabbages & Roses has 5 core values:-  beauty, simplicity, longevity, integrity and sustainability.