what inspires your autumn fashion?

for me it can be anything from the latest issue of vogue, lula, or selvedge to a recent movie I have seen, such as An Ideal Husband. Or it can be triggered by a person like Edie Campbell.. or costume designer Catherine Leterrier who designed the fabulous costumes you see in Coco Avant Chanel. 

Looks like I might be making a little expedition to my local Goodwill soon. It’s amazing what you can find there. I just recently uncovered a treasure of a tweed jacket that was originally from Nordstrom’s. 

Inspiration that you can touch, that is what lovely magazines are for me. If you perhaps like me are guilty of spending a little time in Barnes & Noble then you may have stumbled upon some favorite glossies of your own. I am always scouring the shelves to see if there is one hidden which may be a previously unknown well of creativity. Sadly, with the publishing business as it is today I have been smitten with some only to have them snatched away (Blueprint/Paste). Below are a few of my remaining favorites:

Selvedge – The July/August issue has an amazing spread about Nygards Anna (hope to post scans soon)

Lula - I didn’t enjoy the current issue, but the back issues have typically been quite magical

Where Women Create – First issue to have a section on creative men, and it’s my favorite part

Kinfolk Magazine – I have posted quite a bit already about this, the full issue is available to view here.

Vogue – I tend to scan through to see if its an issue I want, but lately Jen has been keeping me well stocked and I am so thankful.

Donna Hay – Has food ever looked so beautiful?

*Some of my favorites are kind of pricey but I’m pretty sure no one will keep you from sitting down with one at B&N to take a peek or check with friends to see whether you can swap copies.

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