When listening one day to the lovely Frehel sing Si tu n’étais pas là I felt transported to another world and began wishing that I was in a cozy french cafe soaking up the scenery and beautiful most fascinating people as they were meandering about. Since in these economic times many of us are kept from travelling by our limited budgets, we have the grand opportunity of creative DIY. I was inspired to bring France to my own home by hosting a french theme party, it turned out to be such fun that I think I will be having more grand adventures in the near future.

Guests were invited to dress in french fashion for a dinner, movie and brunch the next morning. Below are some ideas of what I did and perhaps you will be inspired to host your own french party!



Cheese & Baguettes – with sides of pear, apricots, and roasted almonds

Tomato & Olive Salad

Mixed Herb Salad with Vinagraitte

Roasted Bacon Chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce (Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking)

Wine Pairing: White Burgandy and Red Bordeaux


Lemon Zest Madeleines

Dark Chocolate Madeleines

French Press Coffee (Umbria)


Apple Gallettes with homemade whipping cream

Fresh Strawberries (from Pike Place Market)

Mimosas with Blood Orange

A Paris Soundtrack

Mon Vieux Paris -  Maurice Chevalier

Les Amants de Paris – Edith Piaf

La Java Bleue – Frehel

A Paris – Yves Montand

The Charming Mademoiselle from Paris – Lou Busch

Douce France – Charles Trenet

La Meme Histoire – Feist

Vois Sur Ton Chemin – Les Choristes

La Festin – Camille

A la Claire Fontaine – Les Petit Minous

Petit Garcon – Agnes Chaumie

Favor Ideas: A bouquet of lavender tied off with a quote, a soundtrack of french music, french tissues and a copy of The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz.

Movies with a French Theme: The Phantom of the Opera, Chocolat, Ever After, Marie Antoinette, Coco Avant Chanel, Amelie, Les Miserables, Sabrina, Ratatouille, Julie and Julia, The Tourist.

Local Seattle stores which carry lovely french items:

Watson Kennedy Fine Home – Table Napkins, Note cards, Dishes, etc.

1022 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Le Panier – Baguettes, Custards and so much more!
1902 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 441-3669

Pike Place Market – fresh tulips and lavender.

**All Photos Taken By Katrina Hope Kelly**