Some of our best friends from New York came to visit last week and we had a great time showing them our next of the woods. After a trip down the road to Fogarty Winery, we came back to the house and enjoyed some wine on the deck at sunset. We started with a bottle of Rose Brut, then moved on to Fogarty Pinot Noir. It was a bit chilly, so we got the outdoor fire going. Cocktail hour snacks included: Délice de Bourgogne and manchego cheese with apples, dried figs, artichoke spinach dip, turkey kielbasa, spicy paprika pepitas, pesto caper bites, and a bit of left over marguerita pizza from flour + water in San Francisco from the night before.

photos and illustration © erin gleeson

I know a particular sister who might appreciate this beverage :)

source: the forest feast

it’s frigid outside.

I am not complaining.. I just need to layer more, right? My dad and I were discussing this AM how little rain we have had this winter in Seattle, yet how cold it has been. If you are a pendler (german word for: commuter) like me then this might be the perfect drink to warm your frozen fingers with at the end of the day.

image source: the forest feast

has anyone else noticed the crazy amount of brilliant food blogs there are out there these days? managed to stumble upon Erin Gleeson’s and I can’t wait to try out so many of the recipes.

source: the forest feast

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